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PostSubject: Slip Ups Made By Family And Friends   Slip Ups Made By Family And Friends EmptyMon Feb 07, 2011 3:37 am

1- LaToya, after the memorial at Staple Centre the Jackson sisters greet the fans and LaToya talks about Michael in present tense saying: ''Thank you for coming and thank you for your support. Michael loves you all so much. His family comes first and his fans come second. He is watching every single one of you and he loves you so much''.

2- Jermaine at the premiere of TII, on Larry King Live: ''This is it. But this is really not this. This is not the final curtain, no''.

3- When a paparazzi from X17Online asked Joe Jackson if he has a message for Michaels grieving fans, Joe and the publicist next to him says: "He misses the fans".

4- Joe Jacksons female publicist: ''He loves the fans, he absolutely loves the fans.... and he misses them'

5- LaToya Jackson speaks to paparazzi in her car: ''He appreciates everything you're doing, we're all watching''

6- Larry King to Joe Jackson: ''Isn't it hard to accept?''
Joe Jackson reply: ''Accept what Larry?''
Larry King: ''That your son is dead?''

7- Jacksons on the Larry King Live Show.

KING: Did you always know that he had a problem, Marlon?

MARLON: No. Being a -- you know, with the prescription drugs and the doctor that did those things, no, we did not know that.

KING: Were you surprised when you learned it?

JACKIE: Very surprised to find that out. We -- right away, we tried to comfort him and tried to support him on that. But it was kind of difficult, in truth.

(I thought the brothers and sisters found out about his drug addiction after he died?)

8- Arnie Klein, interview LKL: ''He was probably the most talented actor...''

9- Jermaine at the memorial: wrong smile lyrics

10- Janet Jackson’s interview on ABC: she said that she was in NEW YORK when she heard the news. But in her Bazaar-interview she said that she was on the set of her movie in ATLANTA. Her director Tyler Perry also confirmed it in an interview that she was in fact in Atlanta. Why would she tell two different stories? Hard to keep track on the lies?

11- Janet J. apologizing for laughing during a recent interview, and explaining why she was laughing... (ok, she could just be nervous, but from the hoax theory point of view, it sounds like a slip-up).

12- LK: "he's still dead by the way".


KING: Did he not want to be -- what -- is there any reason why he isn't a part of this reality show?

JERMAINE JACKSON: Well, he's -- he's still taking care of things with -- with the estate and he's still just being Randy. He's -- he's welcome any time.



MARLON JACKSON: He elected not to participate and so we respect his decision. But he's still our brother and there's still...

KING: Might Tito -- he make an appearance down the line?

TITO JACKSON, JACKSON 5: I'm hoping he will make an appearance. You know, he's -- he's with us on the music and the records and all those things.

MARLON JACKSON: What he said...

TITO JACKSON: But he's just -- he's a little shy about the camera thing and so it's like...

MARLON JACKSON: He said he's going to make some personal appearances, but we're waiting for that to happen.


Larry King: Where were you when he died?

Marlon: I was actually in Georgia when he had passed.

Larry King: They phoned you?

Marlon: Actually no, actually I got a phone call from a friend of mine.

Larry King: Where were you Tito?

Tito: I was actually at home.

Larry King: Was it emotional at the funeral service?

Jermaine Jackson touches his chin nervously and stares intensive at the brothers

14- About Michaels drug problem, Jermaine says: ''Michael is in safekeepings now there was nothing we could do''.

15- Jermaine addresses that Conrad Murray is still practicing medicine: ''Im very disappointed and so are they too!'' and points to his brothers. To me it sounded like they cant even defend for themselves, why does Jermaine always have to speak for them?

16- Jermaine also said ''He is a big dreamer, Michael was a big dreamer''.

17- Janet on Harpers Bazaar interview: "My brother is, I mean was..."


19- Jermaine: Michael was not with us way before he arrived to the airport

Host: What you mean by that?

Jermaine: Way before he arrived at the hospital

Jermaine: He had past way before then

Host: Right..

20- Jermaine: Which lead to conspiracy because the doctor he should have been administrating at the hospital and he wasn't. And I just feel personally he did not act alone.

Host: Right, because your father has been quite vocal about that.. in the media he said that he believes its murder

Jermaine: But its all gonna come out, its all gonna unfold

Host: Do you know what it is? But you're waiting for it to come out?

Jermaine: Yes! Yes I do.

Host: But you just feel its not your place to tell it.

Jermaine: No, I cant say. But I know. Because they were always after him and he felt his life was going to be taken.

21- talking about the TII concerts: Michael was very excited to do the film...I mean concerts

22- At the TII premiere: When I heard about the death, Kenny called and said Don't believe anything you hear,I just talked to Michaels doctor and he is fine, come to the rehearsal as usual...

23- Not a slip-up but since Ben Evenstand is overall a terrible liar I thought his quote deserved to be here:

24- BEN: "An ambulance comes out, we don't know who's in it. Maybe it's Michael, maybe it's it's his family member, maybe it's some staff or something".

BEN: ''Maybe he wants to not do the concerts so he goes to the hospital to get out of the concerts.. Who knows? I dont know!''

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